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Alfred Zappala

Alfred Zappala You Me & Sicily!

Alfred M. Zappala is a lawyer, law professor, author, television producer and an expert on Sicily.

He has practiced and taught law in Massachusetts for many years. He currently resides in Sicily where he writes and practices law on matters concerning Italy and Sicily.

He authored four popular books on Sicily and is the co-creator and co-executive producer of a television series on Sicily "You, Me and Sicily" which highlights the “points of light” in the island paradise.

Mr. Zappala has a B.A. from the University of New England, and a J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and has been a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association,Boston Bar Association, Essex County Bar Association and Greater Lawrence Bar Association.

He has three children and four grandchildren. He considers this to be his single greatest accomplishment in life.

'You, Me & Sicily!' is seen by two million on YouTube, Roku Tv, Amazon Fire TV, L’Italo-Americano, as well as Italian American
Clubs across The United States. Eszter Vajda and Alfred Zappala are the creators and Executive Producers and welcome sponsorship opportunities

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