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Eszter Vajda

Eszter Vajda You Me & Sicily!

Eszter Vajda is an Emmy-nominated international journalist, host and producer with a passion for inspiring dialogue, extracting information, and story telling. Her goal is to inspire and empower people worldwide.  Eszter was born in Hungary and has lived in Israel, Brazil and the United States before moving to Sicily.  She has a Masters in History and Exercise Science from Northeastern University.  Her passions are travel, politics and doing videos.

Eszter has worked in several TV stations across the US including in Massachusetts, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire and North Carolina.  As a television journalist, she has conducted notable interviews with top elected state and national officials, representatives and senators, presidential candidates, high-powered CEOs, business leaders, heads of policy think tanks, dignitaries, and other organizations.

She is the creator and co-executive producer of "You, Me and Sicily" with Alfred M. Zappala. The two do private and group tours of Sicily.

'You, Me & Sicily!' is seen by two million on YouTube, Roku Tv, Amazon Fire TV, L’Italo-Americano, as well as Italian American Clubs across The United States. Eszter Vajda and Alfred Zappala are the creators and Executive Producers and welcome sponsorship opportunities

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