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Our Trips to Sicily

Update for 2021 travel with You, Me & Sicily!
Covid Update:

Currently, air transport is highly restricted between Italy, the United States and other destinations.
Once the skies re- open, we will more than thrilled to show you the splendors of Sicily.
That said, we will keep our 2020 schedules intact for 2021, including pricing intact! No increases !
The dates may be amended slightly due to airline regulations, but the 2020 dates will serve as approximate dates for you until things clear up in 2021.
We reserve the right,however, to amend schedules based on information that concerns the current situation.
For daily reporting on the situation in Sicily and Italy follow us News From Sicily & Italy !

Spring Fling Sicily May 12th - 22nd, 2020

Sicilian Spring Tour

Summer Fun Sicily June 10 - 20th. 2020

Sicilian Summer Tour

Fitness, Fun & Sun September 3-9, 2020

Wine & Culinary Tour Sicily October 1-10,2020

Christmas in Sicily December 20-30th, 2020