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"You, Me & Sicily!" will take you on a journey and show you the real "points of light" in Sicily ... her heroic people!

"You, Me & Sicily!" is not a typical travel log diddy about Sicily. Far from it. Eszter and I are focusing on the people of Sicily (we call them "points of light") and their stories. These stories that will make you laugh. These stories that will make you cry. These stories that will evoke emotions about a magical place told through our eyes.

Eszter Vajda and Alfred Zappala are the creators and Executive Producers and welcome sponsorship opportunities.

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*We’ve had over 1 million views on YouTube alone. Hundreds of thousands have seen our programming on traditional TV, Amazon TV, Hulu and audiences in Italian clubs all over the US and Canada. Our social media fans are over 50,000 strong.

*Over 12,000,000 Sicilian- American live in the U.S, making it the largest sub- group of 30,000,000 Italian-Americans. Sicily is dubbed the "hidden jewel” of Europe. The goal of these videos is to educate and empower others to visit Sicily. You and your business will be able to use the videos for any promotional purposes.


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