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Olive Tree Memorial

Plant an Olive Tree in Sicily


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Grow Your Sicilian Family Tree

Olive Trees planted in Italy and Sicily for Celebrations and Memorials.

We have been planting for over 10 years in Sicily and we invite you to share in this wonderful experience!
Your recipient will recognize and appreciate the thoughtful caring nature of this magnificent Italian gift olive tree planted in their ancestral homeland.

Your gift of a donation of an olive tree back to Sicily or Italy is, for many people, a completion of the circle of life started by a loved one who immigrated to America seeking a better life. Our trees are planted as part of a beautification project in Italy and Sicily and not used for a manufactured harvest. They are tended by generations of family farmers whose passion is the magnificent olive tree "The Tree of Life". 

View our partner site for exclusive coupons, for more details. and to place your order.

The tree will be planted in your name or in the name of a family, friend, loved one or to celebrate a milestone. Think of it … a return to the ancestral homeland. Your sponsorship of $229.95 plus shipping of the certificate is a one time cost that covers the purchase, planting, and maintenance of a wonderful and symbolic olive tree.

Once your order is placed we will contact you for more information  about the recipient, shipping address, etc. 

When you sponsor the purchases of a tree, you will receive a beautiful certificate of authenticity. If traveling to Italy or Sicily you the ability to locate your tree in one of several potential locations to arrange a visit.

A portion of your sponsorship will be donated to The Sicilian Project. A 501-C3 tax exempt organization that raises money from people throughout the United States and issues academic grants in Sicily in order to teach the students how to speak, think and write the English language.

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